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Old Style Tibetan Singing Bowl

The singing bowls which has been made by using the traditional methods made by the singing bowl smiths by mixing the necessary different metals focusing for sound meditation, for healing or for other usages, is handmade singing bowl. This method is genuine singing bowls making method where a complete bowl is make ready under the work of different phases by human hands giving little heat on the metals and hammer it from all the side. These types of bowls are famous as Tibetan Singing bowls. Among the handmade singing bowls, this is our one of the best collected singing bowls from the weight. These bowls are new made bowls but the colors look like old. These bowls are 7 metal Tibetan hand bowls. These are made by seven different metals and made by skillful craftsman (Metal Smith). We have different range of size of this item. The most smallest size and weight is 200 grams (3.5”) and biggest weight goes till 12 Kilograms (22”).These bowls are best pieces for sound meditation, body relaxation, Healing, Therapy, Chakra creation, Head message ( by bigger size), for third eyes….etc. We have given special care while choosing the quality. We can proudly say that our quality always will be number one by Sound and rhythm of each bowl, vibration, sound group the shape, size, weight and thickness.


Old Style Tibetan Singing Bowl

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6 Cm
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7 Metals Mix
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