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Welcome to Himalayan Craft Export

Himalayan Craft Export (HCE) is a leading company having hands on various types of Traditional Nepalese and Tibetan n Handicraft goods. HCE was established with objective of manufacture and export authentic crafts. We provide full varieties of typical and pure handmade crafts made by our skillful craftsmen with many years of experience.

Himalayan Craft Export, as a pioneer in introducing many innovative products concepts in handicrafts sector, represents a milestone in the handicraft manufacture and export history of Nepal as it started an era of finest crafts with customer satisfaction measured as a focal objective while doing business.

The products like Buddha Statues, Tibetan Singing and Healing Bowls, Buddhist Singing Bells, Sterling Silver Jewelry crafts, Tibetan Thangka Paintings, Gurkha Khukuri/Kukri, Beads, Woolen Products and many other beautiful crafts are our mainly trading products. Expect these there are many other crafts too on which we got hands on. With company goal of developing and giving new taste in reliable products, We have found a well successions in the target.

Recently Added Products

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Panawala Angkhola Khukuri

Code: NAK-GKN-1045
US $ 40.00

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Super Mini Jungle Khukuri

Code: NAC-GKN-1044
US $ 20.00
About Handicraft and Himalayan Craft Export
Nepalese Handicraft

Nepalese Handicraft

The Nepalese Handicrafts products reflect the true spirit of Nepal Craftsmanship along with the right shades of traditional beauty and style. The Handcrafted and Antiqued products are designed and crafted by special and award winner craftsman to add a special shine in any piece of our product range. Because of these qualities and abilities Nepalese craft represent as..


Nepalese Handicraft Products

Handicraft Products

Himalayan Craft Export is the leading manufacturer, Wholesaler and exporter of Beads, Singing Bowls, Tibetan Thanka Painting, Silver Jewelry, Carving Singing Bowls, Statues and other Nepalese Handicrafts...


Himalayan Craft Export Business Norms

Key factors to do business successfully

We are seeking good partners who have knowledge of the local market and procedural issues, good planning, patience and commitment to the work. We are happy to develop relation with those people.


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